The takaful unit conducts research on the Takaful industry, also referred to as the Islamic insurance industry. The takaful market is considered the fastest growing service industry due to the growing demand for takaful services. Therefore, this unit provides adequate information and awareness for the public at large about various takaful operations. The research conducted is not only from a theoretical aspect but also within an empirical and practical framework. The unit has conducted research on topics such as Family Takaful, General Takaful, and the usage of various Islamic contracts.

The main research projects conducted under the Takaful Unit are as follows:

  1. Insurable Interest in Takaful Practices: An Analysis 
  2. The Concept and Challenges of Takaful Investment in Malaysia 
  3. Application of the Wadiah Concept in Traditional Family Takaful Products
  4. The Parameters of Permissible Risk in Takaful 
  5. A New Re-Takaful Model Based on Wadi'ah 
  6. The Investment Initiative in Takaful: Issues and Challenges 
  7.  إعادة التكافل على أساس الوديعة 
  8. Offerring MRTT For The Borrowers Of Conventional Home/Housing Loans: An Analysis From A Shari'ah Perspective