The Islamic banking unit is in charge of conducting research relevant to the Islamic banking industry. This unit tackles all aspects and issues in the banking industry with a particular focus on Shari’ah-related matters in both Islamic and conventional banking. This unit interacts with both academicians and practitioners in the industry to deliver very comprehensive research, not only from theoretical and fundamental aspects, but also from a practical perspective. In some cases, by thorough research and investigation of the issues, it provides an Islamic alternative that is more suitable to fulfill the objectives of the Shari’ah (Maqasid Shari’ah).

The main research projects which have been conducted under the Islamic banking unit are as follows:

  1. Banking for the Poor: The Role of Islamic Banking in Microfinance Initiatives 
  2. Alternative Dispute Resolution in Islamic Financial Services
  3. Fatwas on Islamic Finance: A Comparative Study between Malaysia and GCC Countries
  4. Implementasi Ibra' dalam Produk berasaskan Harga Tangguh dalam Sistem Perbankan Islam : Analisis dari Segi Perspektif Operasi Perbankan dan Maqasid Syari'ah
  5. Parameters of Hiyal in Islamic Finance (in Malay)
  6. A Framework for Islamic Financial Institutions to Deal with Shariah-Non-Compliant Transactions 
  7. Critical Appraisal of the Rahn-Based Islamic Microcredit Facility 
  8. Instruments for Meeting Capital Adequacy Requirements Under Basel III: A Shari’ah Perspective
  9. Analisis Kewajipan Zakat Emas Terhadap Pelaburan Emas Di Malaysia